Helical Boat Anchor

Helical boat moorings, combined with a StormSoft™ down line, help to protect the Chesapeake Bay

The Helix Mooring, also known as a screw anchor,  is one of the strongest mooring systems available. A multi disc helical screw anchor is driven into the seabed using our hydraulic drive system. We suggest combining this with an environmentally friendly StormSoft™ elastic down line, attached to a small section of chain,  buoy and pendant.

Our helical boat mooring system, with  StormSoft™ down line is the ideal bottom-friendly mooring. This down line is designed to float above the seabed, leaving grasses and marine life undisturbed.

The 10′  StormSoft™ down line has the ability to stretch 5′. This stretching gently arrests the boats movement causing less stress on your cleats, hardware and mooring anchor

Thousands of StormSoft™  down lines have been installed since the mid 90’s. These down lines have weathered severe storms and hurricanes.   Some of the larger and most well known mooring fields along the East Coast currently using StormSoft™ down lines include the 226 moorings located in Boot Key Harbor  and Coconut Groves Dinner Key mooring field.

In Comparison: Mooring systems utilizing chain for the down line, drag the bottom causing damage to the underwater Eco-system, This scouring effect also causes the chain to break down quickly, leaving your mooring system vulnerable to failure. Therefore, all chain mooring systems tend to have greater maintenance costs over time, requiring top chain replacement as often as every 3 years.

As with all mooring systems, annual inspections should be performed to replace any worn components such as shackles, swivels, seizing wire, etc. These maintenance inspections are performed by Harbor Diving & Salvage, LLC to help keep your vessel safe.

Helical Mooring Anchor
Boat Mooring System

Ready to own your own boat mooring?

StormSoft™ Elastic Moorings

100% Polyester Shell

Braided high strength 3-in-1 strand that does not absorb water and retains 100% of its dry strength.

Rubber Shock Absorber

As tension increases, the rubber shock absorber is both compressed and stretched so that movement of the boat is gradually arrested without the stress to the cleats.

Industrial rubber multi-strand cords allow limited stretch to absorb shock loads created by storms, surges or boat waves.

Braided Polyester Core

Continuous inner core of 100% braided polyester maintains position of the shock absorber.

Heavy Duty Thimbles

Thimbles are available in:

  • Hot-dipped galvanized
  • Stainless steel
  • Polyethylene

Mooring Lengths

1 1/4” D by 10’ L containing a 5-foot shock absorber is the standard length. Custom lengths are available. Ultimate tensile strength starting at 24,000 lbs.

Underwater Float

Keeps down line off the sea floor and is available in a variety of sizes and materials.

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