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Harbor Diving & Salvage, LLC  offers Installation, Maintenance, Inspections

or Materials needed to do it yourself for the following mooring systems





We service the entire Chesapeake Bay, Maryland and Virginia.

We sell and install StormSoft™ downlines. Read more about the strength, dampening effects and environmental advantage of this product on our helical page.



Looking for a new mooring system?

Harbor Diving & Salvage, LLC can install your boat mooring. We provide installation, maintenance and supply the materials for boat mooring systems around the Chesapeake Bay.

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Boat Mooring Systems

Boat Mooring Systems

Helical Anchor

helical anchor

The Helical Anchor, aka Screw Anchor, is one of the strongest mooring systems available.

Mushroom Anchor

mushroom anchor

Mushroom Anchors have long been the traditional method of mooring a boat in open water.

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